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      1. About us

        Established at the beginning of 90s in 20th century, Foshan Nanhai Weicheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located the central region of the Pearl River Delta, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, the hometown for Kang Youwei, a celebrity of the Reform Movement. It borders on Hongkong and Macao with developed information resource, enjoying the advantageous geographical location. Our products are registered as the brand “Youwei”, inheriting spirit of innovation.

        Foshan Nanhai Weicheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in manufacturing professional equipments for aluminium profile production. With development of production capability, it has expanded its area of workshop up to 20000㎡ with perfect supporting mechanical processing and assembling lines. We adhere to the business tenet of “Take quality as the core, develop by science and technology, perfect service quality and improve customer’s satisfaction”. We’ve got our footing and remained successful and expanding in fierce market competition, which is based on the mutual effort of all staff and ceaseless improvement in product quality.


        “Youwei” brand products of Weicheng Company are: Aluminium Profile Extrusion Press, Aluminium Profile Handling System, Heating Furnace for Aluminium Bar, Die Oven, Aluminium Profile Aging Furnace, etc. They are of internationally advanced level. Now, Youwei brand products not only enjoy popularity across China, but also are exported directly or indirectly to Europe, U.S., and South-east Asia.

        The tenet of Foshan Nanhai Weicheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and its commitment to customer are: Sincere Cooperation, Keep Exploiting for Quality, Customer First and Ceaseless Innovation. We are looking forward to cooperating with you hand in hand to: innovate, exploit, develop and expand. Let us make our enterprise stronger; let the customers be more satisfied!

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