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      1. Aluminum Profile Packing Machine

        Aluminum Profile Packing Machine



        This aluminum profile packing machine is designed for aluminum production packing, which is of good looking, easy operation, and low noise ,good packing effect features.

        Technical Specifications:

        1.Packing Motor:Y100L-6-1.5kw

        2.Loading Motor:JWB-0.37x-60D

        3.Worm Gear Box:WP46.5 I=10:1  m=3

        4.Packing Spin Speed:105r/min

        5.Packing Distance:40~140mm

        6.Packing Belt Dimension:Φ450mm

        7.Loading Material Speed:4200~14700mm/min

        8.Outline Dimension:1500 x 800 x1250mm  

        9.Weight:About 480kg 

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