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      1. American steel and aluminum tariff exemption on the return of decree quota system

        2018/5/15 9:03:31 來源: 作者:

        Trump government to block the import efforts will make American manufacturers face a has long forgotten trouble: quota. US officials have so far relied mainly on tariffs, especially border taxes, to reduce imports of steel, aluminum and Chinese goods. However, to avoid the US tariffs, some countries began to accept is called hard limit quotas in Trump agreements reached with the government in.

        Turn the quota trend began Trump said in March will be on national security grounds for the global aluminum import tariffs after. Trump that requires extensive barriers to protect American metal producers from the China excess supply shock. Most of the iron and steel imports from the United States from allies in these countries and the United States reached agreement on the process of negotiations to avoid tariff agreements, Trump given to the part of the national steel aluminum tariffs (25% and 10%) temporary exemption treatment.

        South Korea is a country that has reached such a deal. South Korea has agreed to amend its trade agreement with the United States and accepts quota restrictions, limiting its annual export to us steel at 70% of the country

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